Sunday, October 5, 2008

Just Because

Just because I think my son is adorable. . .

A Night Away From Mom and Dad

Jackson spent his first night away from us on Saturday. I was really worried about it, but it was actually not that bad. Kurt and I went to Nippers with Heather, Chris, and Sarah so we decided to let Jackson stay with his Grammy. We had a lot of fun, which kept our minds off of it, but boy did we miss him. We were both very happy to see him on Sunday morning. He, on the other hand, did not seem like it even phased him. :)

A Good Weekend

What a beautiful weekend! Kurt, Jackson, & I went to the soccer games at WEBO on Saturday and then hung out at home for the rest of the afternoon. Jackson and Wrigley have really become good buddies lately, but I think Wrigley is becoming possessive of HIS toys. Because of this, I think Jackson is extra interested in Wrigley's toys. . . probably just because we say no no that's Wrigleys over and over again. Anyway, they played a friendly game of keep away in the driveway on Saturday. It all started with Jackson grabbing Wrigley's toy.
And then . . .he taunted Wrigley with it.
Wrigley would grab it out of his hand and then when Jackson did not seem interested anymore, he would let his guard down. . . just in time for Jackson to grab it back.
Of course, then, Wrigley would go after it again. In this picture, Jackson turned around and pointed at us like, "come on people, he just took MY toy . . aren't you going to do anything about it??" It was really cute.
And in the end, Wrigley won. For once, he won!!