Saturday, August 30, 2008

Updates on the Cantlons

Okay, so Annie yelled at me today for not posting any pictures of Jackson, and when I got on here to post I realized that it has been almost a month since I have posted. A lot has happened in the Cantlon house in the last month. Here it is in a nutshell. . .

In one of my last posts I mentioned that Jackson started crawling. . . On August 1st, he started crawling. Tomorrow is August 31st, and he is now flying all over the place. He is fast. . . we can barely keep up. He is into everything. . very curious. . . a good thing, but very tiring for Mommy and Daddy. Anyway, it has been really exciting to see him discover so many new things now that he is on the go. . . He is particularly interested in Daddy's books, stereo equipment, and laptop computer cord. . .We tell him no no quite often. . . He looks at us with a devilish grin and smiles before going right back to what we told him no no about. . .

After his nap today, this is how Kurt and I found him. . . He can finally pull himself up and stay up in his crib. . . uh oh, we thought, I guess it is time to babyproof. . .he will probably start pulling up on other things soon. . . little did we know that soon meant 5 minutes later. He pulled himself up on the coffee table like he was an old pro. . .and then, before we knew it, he was shuffling his feet to move around the table a little bit. . .when he learns something new, he definitely goes with it. I can't believe he just started crawling at the beginning of the month. . .and now, he's pulling up on everything. . .our baby boy is definitely growing up. . . I bet he's walking by 10 months. Oh yeah, he turned nine months old this week. . .

Kurt is back in classes now. . .and doing his internship . . . and working full time. . so needless to say, we're pretty busy around here. He LOVES his internship, and I think he is really looking forward to next summer so he can get a job in school counseling. I am too. . .it will be so nice to have summers off together . . . Well, I think that is about it for us . . .for now. . . I realized today that I need to take more pictures of Jackson. I have really been slacking lately. . .Next time it won't be three weeks, Annie, I promise. :)

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

New Toy, New face, and other miscellaneous Stuff.

So I started back to work on Friday morning. . . and Kurt took this picture of me and Jackson before I left. . .it is one of the only pictures of the two of us that I really like. . .He looks so adorable and his head looks huge. . .oh wait, it is. :)
This is what I came home to on Friday. . . Wrigley laying his HUGE head in Jackson's lap . . how sweet.
Ahh. . .the new toy. . . I ordered this toy online and it came on Friday. . I was so excited. . . until it kept losing air because it won't stay shut. . .bummer. . .it is too cute though and I am sure we will figure out how to fix it sometime soon. . .
Jackson has been making this face ALL the time. . . it cracks me up. . .he makes the funniest faces. . . He looks like he is yelling at me. . .so funny. .
Again . . with the face. . .but in this one he looks like he is singing or laughing or saying something like, "Wassup???" Okay. . .I know I am a dork but you cannot deny that he is cute. :)
Today was his first day back to daycare. . .he did great. . .I'm not so nervous anymore. . .Anyway, I better get his bottle ready . . .It;s time for bed.

Jackson's playdates

Jackson had a couple playdates last week, which was fun. On Wednesday, we took some meals up to Heather and Jackson and Rees got to play. . . so cute.

Here is Jackson riding on Rees's truck. He was not completely balanced so Heather kept her hands close. Thanks, Heather!

How cute is this??? Rees is showing Jackson how to work it and Jackson is just staring at him . . so cute.
Of course, Rees was on that truck as soon as Jackson was done. . .They look so cute . . .I'm so excited that they will be growing up together. I think they (and we) will have so much fun together.
I think Rees may have just decided that he wanted his bear back. . .
On Saturday, we went down to visit Dana, Jason, and Michael. It was super fun. We grilled out and ate some yummy pork chops and Indiana Sweet Corn . . Yum Yum!!

Jackson decided that he liked Michael's seat (which is just like the one he has at his Grammy's). He was pretty cute with the baby even though he did try to take his toys a time or two. Michael just stared up at him. . .so interested in the "big" boy.
This picture was too cute. We thought Jackson was going to rub Michaels head or something, but instead he grabbed the toy that Michael was playing with on the seat. . .what a bully. . . :)
It was such a fun week . . .these were really Jackson's first real play dates. . .and I can't wait for many more to come. . .

Monday, August 4, 2008

Crawling. . YAY!!!!

I have been so worried that I would miss out on Jackson crawling for the first time now that I am back to work. Friday was my first day back (and it wasn't TOO bad). Well, Jackson crawled on Friday . . . AFTER Kurt and I got home. We were both so excited that we were able to see it for the first time. It is not very fast, and it is not very pretty, but he gets better every day. Tomorrow is his first day at daycare. We'll see how that goes.