Wednesday, August 5, 2009

There is nothing better. . .

There is nothing better than seeing your child run to you with a big smile on his/her face after you've had a long day at work. What an awesome feeling!!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Back to work

So I am heading back to work tomorrow, and I can honestly say that this has felt like the shortest summer break ever. I have been so busy getting the house ready to sell, selling the house, packing, painting, moving, unpacking, and cleaning that I don't feel like I have had much of a summer. I have enjoyed my time with Jackson though, even though we have been so busy. We spent a lot of time with Dani and the kids. Wow. . . I miss them. They are only 15-17 minutes away, but it is so weird to not be able to walk across the street at 10:00 to talk to her if I need it. This is going to be a great thing for us though, and I think it has really helped Grandad perk up a little knowing that we are beginning our journey in the home that he and Miriam loved so much.

Tomorrow is Kurt's last class, and he starts his new job next Monday. We are so excited for him to be home with us more often. The last two years have been so hard with him being gone to class or being so busy with work, class, internship, etc. all the time. Jackson and I have really enjoyed the time that we have had with him since his last day at BehaviorCorp and we are looking forward to having that time with him all the time. Life is really looking good for the Cantlons!! Who knows. . maybe we will have time to add another Cantlon to the mix now that he is going to be home with us. :)

To wrap up our summer, we ran SEVERAL errands today, one of which was having Jackson's pictures taken. We always have such a hard time narrowing down the photos, and this time was no different.

I really am not a fan of baseball, but how could I resist this adorable photo.
Sorry it is not rotated. It is late!

He seems like a little natural with the football, which makes his daddy happy!! (Notice he is wearing Husky Orange since he is a future Hamilton Heights Husky!)
As cute as these photos are, it was not easy getting him to cooperate today (which is not like him). When all else fails, we give him food (since he LOVES to eat) so in several of the photos his hands were to his mouth eating cheerios or goldfish. Whatever works!

He really liked the toys that were there, and every time the photographer would ask him if he wanted to sit down, he would say "No" in the sweetest little voice. So, we pulled out this motorcycle for him to sit on.

He loves "quack quacks" and talks about them all the time. As we were getting ready to leave we saw this duck and he went crazy for it. Of course, when he sat down with it, he would not really even smile, but it was still a pretty cute picture.
And finally, I had to get a picture of his silly smile. We kept asking him to smile and he would say no, and then finally he turned and gave us the biggest, most fake smile you have ever seen. It was like he was saying, "Will you just leave me alone. Here is your stupid smile!" Too cute, though.
I cannot believe that I go back to work tomorrow. I am really going to miss him, but I think it will be good for him to be back with the other kids, especially since we don't live around any other kiddos anymore. I am just going to have to take my cd and play my slideshow of pictures all day at work. He is so stinkin' cute. I really don't know what we did to be blessed with such a cutie, but I am so thankful. He is such a sweetheart.

I will try to update my blog more frequently now that things have calmed down. I hope I still have some followers. :)

It's time for bed for me. Night Night!