Monday, March 16, 2009

Spring. . .please don't go . . .

I get so moody and depressed in the winter . . . and then spring comes and I am a different person. Seriously, I can feel a huge difference in my mood when it is warm and sunny outside. We have really enjoyed the warm weather lately. Jackson is at such a fun age, and he really loves running around playing outside. He says "outside, outside, outside". It's pretty cute.

He LOVES the slide. . . sometimes scary because he wants to climb on it when all the big kids are on it.

He loved playing with all the big kids on the swingset . . especially with Daddy!!

He is not quite big enough to play in the car yet . . . I turned around for a second and he was sliding out the bottom. He just looked up at me like, Mommy what's going on? It was pretty funny . . .after I freaked out because I thought he was about to get hurt.

It is amazing how much more fun it is with a little guy around . . . Come on Spring. . . just stick around . . .I'm ready for it to be here to stay!