Sunday, January 16, 2011

My Big Boy . . .the best big brother in the world

I am so proud of my big boy! Jackson is such an awesome kid. He has such a sweet disposition. He is helpful, smart, funny. I could go on and on about him. He's my little buddy. He has recently become very independent. He wants to do everything by himself. It's cute, but sometimes it makes me sad because I realize that he is growing up. He still wants his mommy when he falls down or first thing in the morning when he wakes up so that makes me happy. I don't know what I will when he starts to REALLY be independent. One of the things that I love the most about him is how wonderful he is with Kaden. He is the best big brother. Both boys just adore each other. When Jackson walks into the room, Kaden will follow him with his eyes and just grin from ear to ear. Jackson is always giving Kaden kisses and hugs and trying to play with him. The other day Kaden was in his crib and I was getting Jackson's dinner ready. Kaden started crying and before I knew it I could hear Jackson on the monitor talking to Kaden. He came back downstairs and he said, "I'm sorry Mommy. I tried to make him happy, but it didn't work." He seemed so sad that he could not make him stop crying. It was pretty cute.

Jackson always wants to hold Kaden, and he always asks at times when it is not really possible. When he does get to hold him he gets so excited.
He always wants to play with Kaden so anytime Kaden is on the floor, Jackson is right there beside him.

Kurt and I both had 2 hour delays the other day so we were taking our time getting ready. Both boys were up and Jackson was watching a cartoon. We walked into the living room and found him sitting right next to Kaden with his little arm around him. They were both watching the tv. It was so cute.
Jackson has been OBSESSED with Toy Story lately. He got Toy Story 3 for Christmas, and I bet he has watched it 30 times since then. My best friend bought him a Buzz Lightyear costume for Christmas, too. He seriously wore it for 2 days straight. He would not take it off. He even napped in it. It's cute, but we had to put it away so he would actually not want to wear it every second of every day. Haha.

He even had to wear it when Dani, Scott, & the kids came over so he could show them.
He's such an awesome kid. He just amazes us everyday with how smart he is and how kind he is. His teachers at school adore him, and they tell me all the time what a great little boy he is. It makes me really proud.

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The McAfee's said...

so sweet!! i love the buzz outfit!